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If for any reason you are unable to play in a scheduled event or need to make changes to your schedule, you may:

1.  Up to 48 hours in advance, you may withdraw by accessing your online account.
2.  Contact the Toyota TGA Junior Tour office immediately by calling (615) 790-3336.
3.  E-mail the Toyota TGA Junior Tour office at tnjuniorgolf@pgahq.com

DO NOT call the golf course or Junior Tour staff on-site. All changes must be made through the Toyota TGA Junior Tour office.

Players who withdraw from an event prior to 48 hours before their scheduled starting time will be refunded their entire entry fee minus a $5.00 processing fee. For players withdrawing within 48 hours of the tournament, see the Late Withdrawals section below.

A staff member will be monitoring the Tour office voice-mail message center at all times to forward changes to the appropriate field staff members. If you leave a phone message or an e-mail please indicate your name, a return phone number, the course name and date of the event(s) that you are withdrawing or making changes to. If you would like to add an event please indicate its date and name and the Tour office staff will respond to your request as soon as possible.

No refunds are available for withdrawals within 48 hours of the players scheduled starting time. Late withdrawals do not count as events played and there is no penalty for a late withdrawal (beside the no refund).
Withdrawal from Tour prior to/on May 9, 2014
If a player withdraws from the entire Toyota TGA Junior Tour prior to or on May 9, 2014 all events fees and membership fees, minus a $25.00 processing fee, will be issued immediately.

Withdrawal from Tour after May 9, 2014
If a player withdraws from the entire Toyota TGA Junior Tour after May 9, 2014 the membership fee is non-refundable, regardless of sign-up date, and a $5.00 processing fee will be charged to each event you were registered for. If the season has already begun and you were not able to compete in an event and need to withdraw from the entire Tour due to injury, illness, or the like, you will be refunded all event fees and membership fees minus a $25.00 processing fee.

*Requests for entire Tour withdrawals MUST be submitted in writing*

Any player entered in an event who fails to show without giving prior notice to the Tour office will automatically be withdrawn from his/her next event and charged the full amount. Any player who does not show for two events will be automatically withdrawn from their remaining events without a refund. All no show penalties may in exceptional individual cases be waived, modified, or imposed if the Junior Tour considers such action warranted.

The reason for this policy and the reason for its strictness is to protect the members of our Tour that are truly dedicated to playing throughout the summer. Many tournaments have long waiting lists and it is not fair to those members who are waiting, to be denied the right to play when they would have shown up if a spot in the tournament was available.


If a player must leave a tournament site due to illness or injury, a Junior Tour field-staff member must be notified. If one is not readily available please call the office as soon as practicable to let us know why you withdrew.

Players who simply quit because they are playing poorly will be treated as a No-Card. One (1) No-Card will result in a warning while subsequent No-Cards will be treated as a No-Show (see explanation above).

If you are sick and still decide to compete in an event, remember that a WD for sickness counts as an event played and no refund will be given.

*Players are encouraged to have medical information readily available in case of an emergency. We urge all players to carry emergency contact information and a medical insurance card in their golf bags at all times.*