As we did in 2013 - 2020, we will be implementing an unofficial scorer system for the Boys 10-13 Tour and Girls 12-18 Tour (9 Holes) divisions for the 2020 season. Our hope is that by having multiple spectators keeping an “unofficial” score for the group, it will help in ensuring the scores will be correct in the end. The following guidelines will be used by our field staff when starting groups within these two divisions:

  1. As the group makes their way to the starting tee, an announcement will be made to the spectators following the group to ask for two (2) volunteers that will keep the unofficial score for the group.

  2. A stack of course scorecards will be available to hand out to the volunteer scorers.

  3. If there are more than two (2) spectators to volunteer, Sneds Tour staff members are welcome to hand out as many scorecards as they feel comfortable with. 

  4. Unofficial scores will be asked to: 

    a.   Use the course scorecard to keep an “unofficial” score for all the players in the group.

    b.   Please confer with the other designated scorer(s) at the end of each hole to compare scores for the group.

    c.   If any discrepancies arise, ask the players for help.

    d.   At the end of the round, compare the nine-hole scores and totals for each player and submit the scorecard to the staff member in the scoring area.

    e.   From there, the staff will take over and bring you into the discussion if any issues arise within the group.

  5. The staff member will compare cards to be sure there is a consensus.

  6. Before the players place their official card in the scorecard return box, the unofficial scorecards will be used to compare each player’s official card to check for consistency.

Our hope is that by having an additional two sets of eyes completely focused on the players competing that day, it will help with any discrepancies that may arise with the scoring process. We feel many scoring mistakes carelessly occur within these age groups and we want to do everything we can to make sure the event is played fairly. | |