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All tournament deadlines will be seven (7) days prior to the event at 5:00 PM CDT. For example, if a tournament is set to take place on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 the registration deadline for this event will be the Tuesday prior (June 3, 2014) at 5:00 PM CDT. If there are open spots in a particular tournament after its deadline has passed we will do our best to fill the field via phoned-in registrations (615.790.3336). Please note, phoned-in registrations will only be accepted if, 1.) the deadline has already passed, and 2.) there are open spots in the tournament. All tournament registrations prior to the deadline must be done online under the players "Member Profile".

Tee Times
We will post online and email tee times three (3) days prior to each event at 5:00 PM CDT. By waiting a few days after the deadline it allows the Tour office to accurately create tee times that best utilize our time allotment at each particular course. It also allows us time to fill spots that are vacated after the deadline has passed.

To view tee times online, go to the "Tournaments" tab on our homepage and click on "2014 Tournaments"
. Search for your tournament by date and click on the "Info" button to the right of the tournament name. This will pull up all the information on that particular event and simply search that page for the starting times. We will also email each events starting times to the "Golfer's Email" on your account. Be sure this email is the account you look at most often.

Once tee times have been created, posted, and emailed it is very difficult to make any changes. We do our best each time to avoid conflicts in terms of age, gender, and relationship (i.e. family members, best friends, etc.). We DO NOT TAKE TEE TIME REQUESTS and appreciate your cooperation in allowing the Tour office to create these times with little distraction.

Waiting Lists
During the tournament registration process it will inform you of how many open spots are left in a particular event. Once those spots fill up, a waiting list will automatically be established online. Each list will have a maximum of 25 spots and once that list is full it will not allow additional members to sign up.

How are open tournament spots filled off of waiting list?
  • Prior to tee times being created (see above): Open spots are filled based on registration order on the waiting list. First to be on list, is first to be put in open spot.
  • After tee times have been created (see above): Open spots are filled based on division of player that dropped from event. For example, if a Boys 16-18 Masters player dropped a tournament, the highest Boys 16-18 Masters player on the waiting list will be put in the event.

In both cases, we will contact the player being added from the waiting list via email or via telephone to verify their ability to still be able to play.